Learn how to produce an award-winning podcast that lasts through every iteration.

Podcast and media production is a $2 Billion industry – and anything goes.
My work is relevant to independent hosts, media outlets, and co-producers seeking guidance to develop a unique sound, structure, and genre for new and original podcast programming. Podcasts can go in any direction – I work with clients to land on the one that sticks, from magazine and news shows, to conversational podcasts, long-form narratives, and more.

Pilot Podcast Production

Get started as an independent host.
Podcast production has more nuts and bolts than many people know about – but it’s a fun ride and if you do it well, yours can reach far. Pilot podcast production is meant for independent hosts and individuals looking for education and direction to kick-start their shows. 
  • Understand the foundations of podcasting and various show types
  • Fit your podcast to your persona 
  • Overcome in-studio technicalities
  • Execute: record and put your podcast into a product
  • Enact a go-to-market creative & media strategy 
  • Work through future expansion capabilities and possibilities

Podcast Consulting

Strategic direction for any stage of the production process.

Strategic direction for any stage of the production process. Whether you’re at idea inception or ready to record. I work with media companies, publishers, and individuals to course correct from any point in the production process, and provide a structure on what to do next. Ways consulting can help you:

  • Revise or reiterate the strategy and positioning of your show
  • Produce a well-made, well-edited pilot episode 
  • Establish longevity with a reliable prototype
  • Understand what the biggest podcasts globally do well 
  • Get creative on marketing strategies that work for audio storytelling