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Are you ready to take your storytelling skills to new heights? Join Rebecca Sananés in a transformative podcast workshop that will amplify your narrative prowess.

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Awards and Recognition

It’s Time to Flip the Script

Did you know that only 29% of podcast creators are women? But 46% of monthly podcast listeners are women. Let’s close that gap, shall we?

The world is waiting to hear your unique voice.

Defy the Odds in Podcasting, Smash the Podcast Gender Gap!

About Rebecca Sananés

Rebecca Sananés is an accomplished executive producer, journalist, and media personality. She uncovers intricate, real-life stories through conversations and audio reporting. Her work resonates across global platforms, including NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and The World. She also contributes her insights to Vanity Fair.

Rebecca’s remarkable journey includes serving as the inaugural Head of Audio at Archewell Audio, where she orchestrated the creative partnership between The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Spotify. Her recent accolades feature co-creating and executive producing the flagship podcast show “Archetypes,” ranked #1 on Spotify and Forbes hailed it as “a new approach to women’s empowerment”.

Prior to her work in commercial audio, Rebecca thrived in public radio, earning both Regional and National Murrow Awards. She made waves as the lead podcast producer at New York Magazine (Vox Media), where she brought to life acclaimed podcasts like “Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway” and “Land of the Giants,” an enthralling narrative series chronicling Amazon’s ascent in the e-commerce realm.

Empower Your
Podcasting Journey

In this workshop, we will nurture your skills, refine your taste, and build your portfolio. By the end of the four-week program, you’ll possess 

  • A heightened industry sense
  • A roadmap for crafting your own shows and 
  • Enhanced networking prowess to propel your career.

Workshop Highlights

Session 1: Empowering Your Role in Production

Discover your unique role and strengths in podcast production.


Session 2: Preparing for Successful Productions

Learn strategies for planning and executing compelling podcast episodes.


Session 3: Navigating Production Challenges

Equip yourself with solutions for common production hurdles.


Session 4: Advancing Your Production Career

Forge a path towards growth and excellence in podcasting.

Workshop Details

 $500 per person
 $800 for a pair

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Let’s dive into the world of podcasting together. We’re talking about making some serious impact here! This is your golden opportunity to shake things up and give those stories a fresh twist. See you there!

Rebecca Sananes
M.S, in Journalism from Boston University
Los Angeles, CA

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